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Traffic safety

Well planned is half done

Ensuring smooth traffic is particularly important on construction sites in public areas. Our professional staff will be happy to help you plan temporary traffic and implement comprehensive traffic safety measures.


  • Development of solutions in all planning phases
  • Development of comprehensive traffic concepts for construction, industry, or events
  • Planning and creating traffic route and traffic sign plans at the desired scale (plan sizes A4-A0 possible)
  • Preparation of traffic plans within the framework of construction logistics planning
  • Developing concepts for intelligent transport systems
  • Professional support in the approval process with the responsible authorities
  • Help in obtaining the traffic law order

Traffic planning services


We offer customized traffic routing and sign plans designed to suit your project. We have years of experience and reliable expertise in traffic planning, from highways to urban areas. We can help in all planning stages – from sketch to tender and implementation planning. We also offer standard traffic plans, but if you wish, we can develop individual solutions for your project, always according to your needs.


Construction sites affect sensitive points of the public transport network in a wide area that emphasizes the need for a comprehensive transport concept. This way, we can proactively avoid local and regional inconveniences. We inspect the situation on the spot and develop overall traffic concepts with the responsible persons to maintain the efficiency of the traffic system.


Setting up a construction site in a public space requires approval from the responsible authorities. As an expert company with long experience, we can plan professional traffic control for your project. In addition, if necessary, we coordinate with the authorities and support you in obtaining the traffic law order.


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