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We are happy to help find the best possible solutions for our customers’ needs. In order for you to quickly get the answers you need, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions. However, if you cannot find a solution, please contact us directly from the button below.

Renting and returning

ENJOY YOUR WORK. Depending on the equipment you need, you can rent from us either directly from our website or by contacting us. Some machines and equipment can be rented online, and some only by order.

Renting online:
Find the product you need from our online store and easily make a reservation for the days you want. When the booking is successful, you will immediately receive a confirmation of the rental contract to your email. If you cannot find the product you need or it is not available, send us a message or contact your nearest branch – we are happy to help you.

Renting by phone or email:
Call or send an email to the nearest branch’s salesperson. You can find all locations and contact information here. You can ask our experts for an offer or further information on the availability of your product.

Have a bigger project ahead? Come visit us and we will find a solution tailored to your needs.

If for some reason you need to cancel your order, please call or send an email to your nearest location’s salesperson. Locations and contact information can be found here

We are constantly developing the Avesco Rent website, and soon you will be able to manage your orders directly through your customer profile!

Please note that the General Terms and Conditions apply in connection with cancellation. Check the terms and conditions before cancelling your order.

Contact us by phone or email, you can find our contact information here. We are currently working on our website, and soon you will be able to easily manage rentals made online through your customer profile!

Yes, the machines must always be returned in the same condition as they were rented. Please note that refueling must be done using a winter quality fuel. 

If you do not refuel your rental equipment before returning it, we will charge for refueling in accordance with the existing price list at our locations. Learn more about our refueling service here and order the service to your location either during the rental period or just before it ends.

Not to worry, we understand that delays happen sometimes. Please contact the branch the rental equipment is to be returned to immediately by phone or email. 

Please let the branch you are returning the rental equipment to know about the delay and your possible time of arrival. We will do our best to find a solution with you. The contact information for our locations can be found here.

You can either pick up the rental equipment yourself at the branch from which you received the contract confirmation, or according to special arrangement at an agreed location.

We are happy to organize the transportation for you – no matter the size of your rental machine. Learn more about our transportation service or request a tailored quote for your needs from your nearest branch.

Rental equipment must always be returned in the same condition as it was received, clean and fueled, without damage or faults. You can always see what condition the equipment was received in from its detailed check-out and check-in information. 

We are happy to offer you Avesco Rent’s amazing services so that you have more time to enjoy your work and focus on your business that really matters. The EscoTurva protection service is mandatory for rental equipment and it is added automatically to the contract of machines of a certain value so that you can be carefree during the entire rental period. Let us handle the additional work caused by renting for you, and learn more about our services here.


Currently, you can pay through a traditional bank transfer. We will need your EDI number for the e-invoice service. Read more about Avesco Rent’s invoicing information here.

We are currently developing online invoice solutions, through which you will be able to rent equipment with a credit card or other online payment services in the future. We will notify customers immediately when other payment methods become available. 

Avesco Rent Oy

Karhuntassuntie 5

04260 Kerava, Finland

Email for main office: [email protected]

VAT ID: FI33132229

Business ID: 3313222-9

We process our purchase invoices electronically and we hope to receive them primarily as online invoices.

If your company does not have the possibility to send invoices as online invoices, we ask you to send the invoices in pdf format by e-mail.


Avesco Rent Oy
Business-ID 3313222–9
VAT-number FI33132229
E-address / OVT-number 003733132229
Operator Telia Finland Oyj
Service ID 003703575029

Other frequently asked questions

We will open three new branches in 2023, and you can find our current locations here. As construction will be carried out over the year, we will operate at temporary premises in some locations – this will not impact our best service and customer experience in any way!

You will be the first to be informed about when we can move into our new premises. We are eagerly looking forward to celebrating their opening together with our customers!

We plan to grow boldly – so check our news section regularly to keep up with Avesco Rent’s current events.


If you have any questions about renting equipment, please contact our branches.


If you have any questions about invoices or financing, you can send your question via email to [email protected].

Sometimes buying or leasing a new or used machine is more affordable than renting it. Everything depends on your specific needs and particularly the time and duration for which you plan to use the machine for your project.

Renting Caterpillar® machines or generators is a good way to test the equipment in the actual conditions and help you decide whether to buy them in the near future.

It is always important to compare options and find the best solution for you. As we belong to the Avesco Group, we can forward your requests to buy Caterpillar® equipment to our colleagues at Avesco Oy at any time.

If you fall in love with the machine you have rented and wish to buy it, please contact your nearest branch – we will endeavor to find the best possible way to fulfill your dreams together.

We recommend renting under a company that is registered in an official trade register. We will always conduct a credit check before we can agree on other payment terms with you, such as advance payment.


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