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EscoTurva protects your machines from unexpected events

Are you worried about unexpected expenses that may arise if one of your rental machines is damaged or stolen? Avesco Rent automatically protects your equipment with the EscoTurva service, offering you peace of mind and protection for your daily business.

What is EscoTurva?

EscoTurva is our mandatory risk protection service. It provides you with various advantages. EscoTurva will provide protection and help you limit potential damage compensation by lowering your deductible amount. Additional security includes protection against damage, theft and vandalism (excluding windows, mirrors, lights, tires, chains or misuse of the machine). The service is not an insurance.

How will EscoTurva protect you?

5% of the daily equipment rental price will be automatically added to the rental contract (excl. VAT). As the protection remains in effect even when you are not working with the rental equipment, the fee is charged daily for the duration of the rental period and is valid 7 days a week, including days off, weekends and bank holidays.


Enjoy your work. Work without worry with EscoTurva.

Below you will find your EscoTurva deductible and equipment value:



5% will be automatically charged for all equipment, unless the customer can prove that they
have their own insurance for the rental equipment. The price of the service is charged daily
for the duration of the rental period (that is, 7 days a week, including days off, weekends and
bank holidays). Maximum protected amount: €400,000.



EscoTurva’s current deductible amounts per rental machine are published on our website, or you can contact our team at any time for further information about our additional security.

Avesco Rent reserves the right to change the prices without prior notice. In the event that the price on this price list does not correspond to the price given at, the prices on the website shall apply.


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