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Refueling services

We understand that sometimes a project can come to a halt when fuel runs out. When your rental machine is running low on fuel, we will come to your worksite or wherever you are to help you. Our refueling service will quickly provide you the right fuel product you need, delivered to your worksite either via express delivery or according to an agreed date and time. The fuel will be delivered to you via our branch pick-ups or a transportation partner, depending on how much you need.

Don’t let an empty tank stop you


The price of the refueling service depends on your needs and the distance to our closest branch:

  • Starting fee: €115 (excl. VAT)
    • Additional machines: €20/machine (excl. VAT)
  • Kilometer allowances:
    • Including 50 km of travel (2 x 25 km one way) from the nearest branch
    • For distances greater than 25 km from the branch, €1.20 will be charged per kilometer (excl. VAT)
    • The maximum radius is 50 km (100 km – 2 ways).

Greater distances and quantities are possible upon request. Please contact us for an individual offer in such cases.


  • The delivered liters of fuel will be charged according to a fixed daily price. Please inquire about the price at your nearest location on the day of your refueling.
  • Possible additional services:
    • Weekly or monthly periodical inspection of equipment
    • Training service
    • Planning service

In addition to our refueling service, we also offer various other services, such as planning, installation and repair services. We are happy to serve you and help you keep your machines and equipment running smoothly. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or wish to place an order. Enjoy your work.


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